Short Fiction Film Produced by London Film School

Synopsis: Jackson is kid who believes he can go to the moon. His mother decides to help him fulfill this dream by creating a Moon-like space in the attic of their house. 

Genre: Fiction
Completion: 5/2016


Jackson: Patrik Stromgren

Mummy: Katie Helps


Writer/Director: Lara Zeidan

Producer: Laura Seward

Director of Photography: Paisley Valentine Walsh

Camera Operator: Cameron Ward

Editor: Orxan Agazade

Production Designer: Gabrielle Gozo

Location Production Designer: John Giordano

Composer: Eren Önsoy

1st AC: Kateryna Zabulonska

1st AC: John Giordano

Grip: Orxan Agazade

Grip: John Giordano

Gaffer: Joan Vicente i Durà

Location Gaffer: Andrew Heron

Spark: Louisa Hawkins

Spark: Alisa Tritenko

Spark: Ahmed El Lozy

Spark: Ricardo Angelucci

Spark: Hinnaa Sulahria

Spark: Pierfrancesco Cioffi

Spark: Celine Cotran

Art Director: Naomi Waring

Art Assistant: Amy Corrigan

Art Assistant: Frederico Nobre de Carvalho

Art Assistant: Maja Jenson

Art Assistant: Noreen Seward

Art Assistant: Kate Maveau

1st AD: Celine Cotran

1st AD: Hinnaa Sulahria

Location 1st AD: Laura Seward

Associate Producer: Noreen Seward

Production Manager: Dom Bolton

Location Manager: Noreen Seward

Continuity: Zhannat Alshanova

Make-up Artist: Katrina White

Production Assistant: Kathryn Waters

Location Catering: Noreen Seward

Studio Catering: Maja Jenson

Sound Mixer: James Hynes

Colorist: Will Coker

Sound Recordist: Anastasia Raykova

Sound Recordist: Naomi Waring

Location Sound Recordist: Emir Togrul

Boom Operator: Emanuele Bonomi

Boom Operator: Pierfrancesco Cioffi

Boom Operator: Hinaa Sulharia

Location Boom Operator: John Giordano

Sound Designer: Orxan Agazade