Onno is stuck. He’s lost. Many questions. Few answers. And on top of that there’s this strange feeling. This feeling that he knows, but doesn’t understand. This feeling that has come to him much earlier, so it didn’t start here. But where? Where did it start? Let me tell you the story of Onno the Oblivious, who has fallen victim to the strange feeling.

Netherlands, 2014
Genre: Fiction
Length: 29’07″
Completion: 07/2014
Screening formats: DCP, Digital files (ProRes, H264)
Dutch dialogue – English subtitles


Screenwriter: Viktor van der Valk, Jeroen Scholten van Aschat
Director: Viktor van der Valk
Producers: Erik Glijnis, Hanne Sinninghe
Production Manager: Benthe van Wallenburg
Cinematographer: Emo Weemhoff
Gaffer: Aafke Beernink
Production Design: Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens
Art Direction: Nicole Kroes
Costume Design: Myrte Beltman
Production Sound Mixer: Robin Berk
Sound Design: Tijn Hazen
Re-recording Mixer: Laura Solleveld, Tijn Hazen
Editor: Lot Rossmark
Composer: Eren Önsoy


Festival Screenings:

  • Keep an EYE Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands (July 2014)
  • San Sebastian IFF - Student Film Meeting, Spain (September 2014)
  • Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands (September 2014)
  • International Student Film & Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy, China (October 2014)
  • International Competition - Kurz Filmtage Winterthur, Switzerland (November 2014)



  • Awards: Orono Saria Award for 'The Most Cutting Edge Film' at the 62th San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain 
  • Best Student Film at the Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Students of Angers Award at Angers European First Film Festival, Angers France