Leonor is an animation, produced for the English National Opera by the MA Character Animation Course Students of Central Saint Martins. It takes inspiration from ENO's Spring 2015 Seaon Program, Purcell's The Indian Queen, which tells the story of the initial confrontation between Europeans and the Mayans of the New World. Leonor tells the story of the young daughter of Don Pedro and the Indian Queen. As a small child, Leonor is unaware of the terrible crimes committed by her father on her mother and her mother's people; she innocently enjoys a lifestyle built upon them. 

Genre: Animation
Length: 3’46″
Completion: 12/2014


Director: Joanna May Boyle
Producer: Electra Fotopoulou
Animators: Tatiana Mazzei, Zih Rong Lu
Music: Eren Önsoy